Meet the In Love Team

The In Love creative team will be filming your wedding on the day. This team is a close-knit partnership, based on a mutual appreciation of creative and technical skills, and a shared enthusiasm for visual storytelling. Above all, we’re friends. We met when we both worked in the same job and from there we’ve grown to trust and admire one another’s professional capabilities. This trust and mutual support is the basis of how we work together, on your behalf.

We know it’s important that you can feel the right people are taking care of your wedding videography. It’s about ensuring that the real essence of what your wedding is about comes across clearly in the film we create for you. The filmmaking skills are ours, the film is your story.

Paul Cryer - In Love Wedding Films - Manchester Wedding Videographer


Paul is the founder of In Love Wedding Films. He has a personal and professional interest in filmmaking, evolving from a childhood enthusiasm for cinema.

Drawing on his experience as a camera operator, filmmaker and videographer, he set up In Love Wedding Films to offer people cinematic quality wedding films.

Paul combines creativity and technical excellence with a keen sense of narrative. He sees a wedding film as being as much about capturing a sense of emotion as documenting the occasion.

Check out Paul’s personal photography and filmmaking website as well!


Ryan has a background in specialist drone photography and now plays an essential role as part of the In Love Wedding Films creative videography team.

Like Paul, Ryan had an early love of photography, coming from a family background in portrait photography. Ryan has since specialised in photographing motorsport, astrophotography and landscape photography. He’s a keen traveller, finding new settings and fresh perspectives as outlets for his creative skills.

Ryan is CAA certified to operate drones commercially, bringing another distinctive visual flavour to the wedding films we create.

Ryan Shenton - In Love Wedding Films - Manchester Wedding Videographer