Relive Your Wedding Day

Even love’s greatest moments are fleeting, but after they’ve passed they stay in the memory. I specialise in helping you relive your wedding memories by capturing your story on film. A wedding is a narrative, full of drama, humour, charm and emotion. This is your love story, uniquely precious to you. Let me make it into something you can keep celebrating and return to anytime.

What makes a wedding film memorable? The foundation of a wedding is not the planning, or the venue. It’s the couple at the heart of it. Even the most spectacular setting won’t mean much if you can’t capture the feelings that matter most.

I’m Paul, a Manchester Wedding Videographer, and with In Love Wedding Films I tell true stories for couples in Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, across the North West and UK wide.

The In Love Wedding Films approach to wedding videography combines creativity with technical mastery and attention to detail.

To shoot the perfect wedding film you must understand the story you’ll be telling and to become the perfect narrator as it unfolds.

As a wedding videographer I’m the storyteller, but my role isn’t to direct what happens, but to discover and appreciate the essence of it and to capture that.

Each wedding is different, each couple unique. Your uniqueness drives the story I film. My job is to work with this and to express it on your behalf in your wedding film.

An In Love Wedding Film combines documentary and creative film techniques. The difference between what we can offer and standard wedding videography is in the cinematic quality of what we create for you.

Films have the power to move people, touching their emotions and evoking fond memories. You can relive your wedding day when you have it captured on film.

Our production values are very high, crafted with expert attention to detail, but also with supreme sensitivity to the occasion and the cast of real-life people involved in your wedding. We don’t simply shoot footage then edit it to music afterwards.

What we do is always in service to the story at the heart of it. Your story.

When you come to relive your special day through your wedding film, I want you to be able to sense the emotion and experience the feelings you had all over again. This is much more than our cameras pointing and shooting, then us editing the footage afterwards. It’s about finding the essence of your love, and putting it on film. Forever.

In Love Wedding Films provides Manchester wedding videography, working across the North West, the UK, and even abroad.

“The day was captured absolutely perfectly and I would recommend and do, to everyone I know who gets engaged that they check out Paul!”


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